About Us

Techno Outfit is the story of a guy that is addicted to Techno Music. He used to imagine original techno-inspired designs that he printed on t-shirts and wore at Techno parties. The fact is that everybody at the parties he went to used to ask him where he bought his t-shirts.

That's how the idea of creating a Techno clothing store was born, he decided to launch this amazing project and share his creativity with techno lovers all over the world and bring his seeds in the development of Underground Techno Culture.

Because we know the importance of being comfortable in your clothes while dancing during hours at Techno parties, we stand for high-quality items and engage to refund each customer who doesn't like the quality of his purchased item.

We already have more than 6000 happy customers in more than 60 different countries and we made as many happy customers as orders we shipped, you just have to join our big Techno family